"The day before something is a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea"
-Peter Diamandis
"Learn just enough... You don't need to build the engine, you need to find the best mechanics to improve on the best engine out there."
 - Me
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I challenge you to Change The World with that noggin, don't just create another photo sharing app or push pixels to increase your bank balance.  

If you're like me, your goal is to positively impact as many people as possible so you're going to need an exponential tool box. 

I suggest reading the book "Exponential Organizations" by Salim Ismail to ensure that you're baking at least 4 of the 10 exponential organization ingredients into your business. 

Whether you need an app built or machine learning AI, we have a team of engineers, trained by Stanford's very own Sabastian Thrun, creator of the Google Self Driving Car, to work for you.

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Sample Project:

Lighthouse Smart Home Assistant 

Lighthouse is more than just a camera. The interactive assistant tells you everythingyou want to know about your life at home. This smart home product uses AI and computer vision and sends you alerts for anything from a seeing a human (not just movement by a pet but actually knows the difference between a human and your dog). It can memorize your routines and use facial recognition to let you know that your kids came home and walked your dog at 4pm.  Or did not. The founders used self driving car technology which you can learn at Udacity's Self Driving Car Engineering Online Class(sign up HERE for $1,000 OFF)
Tech Used: 

Facial Recognition Algorithm

You can use this Facial Recognition Algorithm API from Algorithmia and hire an engineer such as the ones you can find at Udacity Biltz (sign up HERE for $1,000 OFF) and whip up a facial recognition add-on to you smart home product.  Furthermore, you can borrow Amazon's Alexa intelligence by using Amazon's artificial intelligence develpor API for natural language understanding, speech recognition, text to speech, to offer the same sort of smart connection to anything you can put on the network from home appliances to internet connected services with verbal commands.
Facial Recognition Algorithm API

Artificial Intelligence

If you're planning to create a smart home assistant, you're going to need speech recognition and deep learning.  Not to worry, Amazon already built that and open sourced it.  Get Amazon's Artificial Intelligence here.
Amazon Artificial Intelligence

Udacity Self Driving Car Course

In this program, you’ll learn the skills and techniques used by self-diving car teams at the most advanced technology companies in the world. See The Udacity Self Driving Car Engineer Course here(sign up HERE for $1,000 OFF)
Udacity Self Driving Car Course

Udacity Computer Vision Course

In this course, Introduction To Computer Vision you can pick up the gyst of what it takes to outsource the right engineers and create a crowdfunded product launch to fund the build of your future (sign up HERE for $1,000 OFF)
Udacity Self Driving Car Course

Udacity Blitz Team

The Udacity Blitz Team(sign up HERE for 10% OFF) is for hire.  They can be hired to build any project you dream up and I'll teach you how to fund it so it doesn't cost you anything...you can hire on a per project basis or you can permanently hire your own Silicon Valley engineer right from Blitz.  They can do any project you desire.  You can plan the project with them, get the specs, build a prototype and launch a crowdfunding campaign to validate the market and complete the build or prove that the market isn't interested, all with minimal risk before moving too far in the wrong direction.
Udacity Self Driving Car Course
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