Exponential Starter Kit
Starter Kit
 New Ideas
Learn How To Combine These Building Blocks To 
Crossbreed New Useful Products
Learn How To...
1. Discover  The Newest Innovations With Exponential Growth Opportunities
2.  Find Out How To Click Them Together To Create Useful Items  (Upgrade, Automate & Simplify)
3.  Discover Cost & Time To Market And How To Fund It
4.  Develop Launch Strategy 
5.  Carve A Hole In a Market Niche That You Can Fill
Learn How To...

1. Find Exponential Growth Tech

2.  Upgrade, Automate & Simplify 

3.  Discover New Funding Strategies

4.  Develop Launch Strategy 

5.  Carve Out  A Hole In a Niche
Sample Projects:

Smart Beauty Mirror

Smart Beauty Mirror gives you an overall health & beauty score by scanning you daily and detecting things like weight loss and gain, heart rate and blood condition and facial recognition that detects stress and anxiety. 

Fitness Body Scanning Mirror

3D Fitness Body Scanning Projections. 3D Labs designed a mirror that measures your body/progress - I propose the add-on of projecting an image of yourself in the future if stay on given routine suggested by the device. Pairs with fitness apps, calendars, social. 
Tech Used: 

Paper Thin LCD Video Display

4 Inch Smart Display Screens Cost Pennies.  Crossbreed Items Include 2-Way Mirrors


Raspberry Pi & Snickerdoodle are two small motherboards that can fit in the palm of your hand  and handle anything from robotic automation to facial recognition and computer vision and Artificial Intelligence or just uploaded video playback.

Realsense 3D Sensors

Realsense is basicall the Tom Cruise Movie "Minority Report" where he controls the computer in the air (minus the hologram, soon to come)... Intel® RealSense™ technology uses various sensing technologies to achieve depth perception, 3D imaging, interior mapping, and feature tracking. From virtual reality to robotic development, 3D creation to consumption, Intel® RealSense™ usage leads the industry and offers endless creativity and freedom.
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 $30 Million Google Lunar Xprize
 Engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world are competing to be the first to land a space craft on the moon, travel 500 meters & transmit HD video and images back to earth :Learn more here 

$5 Million 
Artificial Intelligence Xprize

demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful AI technologies to tackle the world’s grand challenges. 
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