How Entrepreneurs Are Biohacking
 The Human Genome &
Capitalizing On Printing DNA
Are Stem cells injections from newborns are curing aging?
Will we bio sensors in our smartphones in 5 years? 
Tissue engineering uses the body's own stem cells to repair, replace or augment tissue. 
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 Will there be a Genetic App Store?
Will we buy cosmetic upgrades or IQ? 
According to the Genetic Literacy Project, that is precisely what big pharma is up to.  A sort of MLM pyramid scheme to become the google of your DNA in augmenting biology. 
Let's look at what matters: 

1. Reading DNA
2. Writing DNA
3. Editing DNA
CRISPR Cas9 is a DNA editing technology... you can get a home kit for as little as $140. So don't turn into lizard but give it a look. This is already being used by the smartest labs in the world to amature biologists in their garage to cure diseases, add 30-40 years to our life with cell repair and edit disease out of a species. They've have created night vision in a human eye and cats with jelly fish DNA that glow in the dark. 

Peter Diamadis is famous for spreading the word that Longevity is on the verge of a revolution. That 100 years old will be the new 60. The idea of living a longer, healthier life is intriguing, but how much of this is hot air?

Let's take a look...
Image courtesy of article Glow-in-the-Dark Kittens Lend a Paw to AIDS Fight.
Credit: Mayo Clinic
Image courtesy of article Scientists Have Figured Out How to Inject Human Eyes With Night Vision
Reading DNA:
The 10X Genomics is an app store for genome sequencing.  With free or cheap online courses on platforms such as Udacity selling Genomics courses in bite sized videos it's becoming clear that leaps and bounds will begin to happen in this space. 

Writing DNA:
23andme - The Google of the New Health Care Consumer Interface? They've collected over 500,000 samples from people around the world.  So when this bio app store does launch, every app developer in the health industry from cosmetic surgeons to disease management and prescription drug scripts will need to access the reading of your DNA in order to complete the given task from writing the code that can edit your genome to eradicate disease or send your prescription drugs.  Every time your DNA is accessed there is a licensing fee paid to the service that holds your Genome code.  Essentially there will be many layers in this app store where the source at the top holds the code to your DNA and the layers below it will be every health industry from eyes, hair, skin, anti aging, cancer, disease, aches and pains.  You'll just login, search your ailment, get immediate AI generated solutions and the delivery of a cure will be in route probably through some Amazon drone delivery within the afternoon. 

Editing DNA:
The following video Splicing & Dicing DNA - The CRISPR Revolution is a panel of experts that have been editing DNA in controlled environments and labs.  They will discusses the challenges we're facing right now. From editing the DNA of a mosquito to stop if from carrying malaria to growing food that survives a drought, the danger and promising outlook of possible mutating the human race. 

Thinking of ways to participate in this space is a brain storm worth having with friends.  
I've given a few interesting directions to poke around in.

Let me know in comments what you think is the most important angle in the exponential growth spurt happening in Synthetic Biology?
"If You Want To Make A Billion Dollars, Help A Billion People"
- Peter Diamandis
 $10 Million Xprize To Bring Healthcare To The Palm Of Your Hand
 Imagine the Tricorder device that Bones carried around in Star Trek.  He waved it over any living or inanimate object and it reported exactly what it was and what was wrong with it. Essentially, that is the goal here and a winner has already claimed the prize.  A portable, wireless device that monitors and diagnoses your health conditions. It accurately diagnosis 13 heath conditions including 12 diseases and the absence of them. It catches your vital signs in real time without a medical facility intermediary and creates a consumer market App store for disease, anti-aging and especially, cures :Learn more here 

$2 Million Xprize To Heal Our Oceans

The winners created sensors that measure the oceans PH for acidity.  Essentially measuring the health of the worlds most overlooked asset. The ocean provides the oxygen we breath, food we eat, the atmosphere in our sky and the rain that falls from it which ultimately provides the water we drink. For the sake of our human bodies, it needs to stay pure.   
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Sample Projects:

10X Genomics App Store

Smart Beauty Mirror gives you an overall health & beauty score by scanning you daily and detecting things like weight loss and gain, heart rate and blood condition and facial recognition that detects stress and anxiety. 

Fitness Body Scanning Mirror

3D Fitness Body Scanning Projections. 3D Labs designed a mirror that measures your body/progress - I propose the add-on of projecting an image of yourself in the future if stay on given routine suggested by the device. Pairs with fitness apps, calendars, social. 
Tech Used: 

Paper Thin LCD Video Display

4 Inch Smart Display Screens Cost Pennies.  Crossbreed Items Include 2-Way Mirrors


Raspberry Pi & Snickerdoodle are two small motherboards that can fit in the palm of your hand  and handle anything from robotic automation to facial recognition and computer vision and Artificial Intelligence or just uploaded video playback.

Realsense 3D Sensors

Realsense is basicall the Tom Cruise Movie "Minority Report" where he controls the computer in the air (minus the hologram, soon to come)... Intel® RealSense™ technology uses various sensing technologies to achieve depth perception, 3D imaging, interior mapping, and feature tracking. From virtual reality to robotic development, 3D creation to consumption, Intel® RealSense™ usage leads the industry and offers endless creativity and freedom.
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